Luxury Companion

Unwind with me. A breath of fresh air is what you need. A liaison that takes you to a new world that is real, yet discreet. A private sensual excursion filled with exploration and passion. Stimulating conversation with someone who understands you. Exuding seductive energy between us, there is no doubt we will enjoy ourselves. Considerate to you, I am sure we will have a delightful rendezvous.  I am your luxury secret girlfriend.

One of the Best 

Ardent  Lovers


I’m your elegant exotic delight to taste. Standing at 5’8, I am a statuesque lithe slender beauty with natural firm breast, and long creamy legs. I am in harmony with myself and to the world around me. Far from daft, I am pursuing a major in science; thus, conversation should never be dull or tense. In public, you watch my hips sway and I look at you with adornment. We will enjoy our outing only for us to relish in the private titillation that is to come. An unfailingly simple and enjoyable exchange will linger in your mind when you travel your way back to work or home. With just the right balance of cheer, lust, opulence, and grace you will be pleased to have finally met me.


What are your favorite sports?

Tennis & Golf

What are your favorite hobbies?

Boating & Sailing, Volunteering, Wine Tasting, Reading, & Exercising.


What is your ethnicity/ nationality?

Black/ African-American


What are your favorite visual arts to enjoy?

Theatre, musicals, opera, & the symphony.

I love Andrea Bocelli!


Favorite Book/s?

1984 by George Orwell

Death of a Salesman


Favorite Movie/s?


It’s a Wonderful Life

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Roman Holiday





1 Hr                            600                                      Brief, But Sweet

1.5  Hrs                        850                                     Let's Explore

2 Hrs                           1200                                   Perfect Sensual Getaway

3 Hrs                           1500                                   Cocktails & More

5 Hrs                           2000                                   Quintessential Dinner Date

8 Hrs                           3000                                   Activities & Seduction

12 Hrs                         3500                                   The  Perfect Sleepover 

As a companion that is vivacious and full of youth, I provide an amazing girlfriend experience! 

For longer engagements, please contact me. Thank you.

I do offer monthly arrangements.


*Outcalls please add an extra 100.

*Couples & BDSM/fetish please add an extra 200.                    


Personal Etiquette

I expect the utmost respect from you, as I am sure you do from me. We should treat each other as a lady and gentleman respectively as I am sure such etiquette comes naturally to the both of us.


I will be primped for you, and I anticipate that you will be pristine for me also. 

Lastly, as I do not use drugs, I expect you to do the same. Social drinking is completely fine, but let’s make sure you do not consume too much so we can thoroughly enjoy our most intimate moments together.


If we are meeting in private, considerations must be placed in an unsealed envelope. If you are visiting my incall, please place the envelope on a table in a plain view without referring to it and then excuse yourself to the restroom. If I am coming to you, please have the envelope prepared and placed in plain sight in the restroom. If we are meeting in public, please place the envelope in a gift bag or greeting card, and present it to me without reference to it. Considerations are nonnegotiable, thank you.


When your appointment is booked, I will contact you via your preferred method of communication whether it is call, text, or email. The day of your appointment, we will speak once again exchanging locations whether it is incall or outcall. Closer to your appointment time, I will contact you again with more details about the location. Please do not send any correspondence that is not clean. Any that contains lewd or suggestive content will be deleted and calls will be ended immediately.




I recognize that life is unpredictable, that being said; I would appreciate that cancellations be made 24-48 hours prior to the agreed appointment date.  If you do not provide me adequate time(24-48 hrs) for the cancellation, a 50% deposit will be required upon rescheduling.




​A Lovely Bouquet of Roses





Christian Louboutin

Diamond Jewelry



Jimmy Choo



Louis Vuitton

Giuseppe Zanotti



Saint Laurent

Tiffany & Co.

Tom Ford



Fine Wine & Champagne 

Dress size: US 0-4 or XS & S | Shoe size: US/EU 39-39.5 | Boudoir size: 34B/32C

Gifts are not expected, but greatly appreciated if you are thinking about me. Including seeing you, a gift is sure to make my day.




Additional Questions Before Booking?

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