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Meet Gisèle

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Bonjour Monsieur,

Welcome. I am Gisèle Monrose - an ardent lover. I’m your elegant exotic delight to taste. Standing at 5’8, I am a statuesque lithe slender beauty with natural firm breasts and long creamy smooth legs. I am in harmony with my sensuality and the world around me. Far from daft, I am pursuing a major in science with intentions to further my studies in graduate school; thus, conversation should never be dull or tense. In public, you watch my hips sway and I look at you with adornment. In private, we will enjoy each other on a hightended and stimulated personal level.


We will enjoy our outing only for us to relish in the private titillation that is to come. An unfailingly simple and enjoyable exchange will linger in your mind when you travel your way back to work or home. With just the right balance of cheer, lust, opulence, and grace you will be pleased to have finally met me. 


Always exceptionally & beautifully dressed, manicured, and polished - you will never have to worry about an uncouth crass young lady. I am well mannered and delightfully a lot of fun. Even though I carry myself very well for my young age, I always know how to enjoy myself and am very easy to talk to. *When people look at us when we're out, it is because they are jealous and enamored by us.

Contact me if you are looking for a unique “je ne sais quoi” companion and friendship.

Let's have a rendezvous! 


Gisèle Monrose

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