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About You & Nicities:

Whether you're a native or a visitor - I want our time together to be the utmost fun! I would love it if you plan an immaculate day/evening, or I take the reigns with suggestions and show you around. I am knowledgeable in Houston's hotels, galleries, shopping, and restaurant scene to appease every desired palate and atmosphere to make sure we have a perfect date together. 

*I have a strict no-review policy. I do not accept reviews - please respect my privacy and discretion as I respect yours.


Personal Etiquette:

I expect the utmost respect from you, as I am sure you do from me. We should treat each other as a lady and gentleman respectively as I am sure such etiquette comes naturally to the both of us. I will be primped for you, and I anticipate that you will be pristine for me also. 

Lastly, as I do not use drugs, I expect you to do the same. Social drinking is completely fine, but let’s make sure you do not consume too much so we can thoroughly enjoy our most intimate moments together.


When your appointment is booked, I will contact you via your preferred method of communication, whether it is call, text, or email. On the day of your appointment, we will speak once again exchanging locations whether it is incall or outcall. Closer to your appointment time, I will contact you again with more details about the location. Please do not send any correspondence that is not clean. Any that contains lewd or suggestive content will be deleted and calls will be ended immediately.



I recognize that life is unpredictable, that being said; I would appreciate that cancellations be made 24-48 hours prior to the agreed appointment date.  If you do not provide me adequate time(24-48 hrs) for the cancellation, a 50% deposit will be required upon rescheduling.

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